Company History and Product Line

The history of the Danish company Envikraft dates back to 1960’s with the design of the first thermal treatment system, following requirements caused by new legislation requiring safe and secure disposal of hospital waste. Possessing the experience with thermal treatment design for more than a 100 years, Danish engineers are among the world leaders within this kind of process design. These basic skills and know-how were the platform for establishing the company.

Having designed this first hospital and hazardous waste plant, the engineering team was asked by the nuclear power plant in Studsvik, Sweden to design the world’s first thermal treatment plant for Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW). This plant was commissioned in 1967 and is still in operation today.

Throughout the years the Envikraft engineering team has designed more than 350 plants in the world for almost all kinds of waste streams. Today, sucessful handling and securing safety of the large amounts of generated waste are based on the use of the latest technologies.

The wide range of product lines can be categorized according to below main waste stream definitions:

  • Municipal Solid Waste – MSW
  • Hospital- and hazardous waste
  • Liquid-, oil- and shipboard waste
  • Crematories and pathological waste
  • Low Level Radioactive waste - LLRW
  • Other waste streams – which are plants for treating biomass waste, bone meal, liquid chemicals and Classified/secret documents
Through the past more than 50 years the know-how of thermal treatment and process technology has been passed on through generations of skilled engineers. Each generation has added new experience with the use of the latest technology which is well-tested before introduced into the market. The thermal treatment of waste streams are performed under temperatures from 850 ⁰C and up to and above 1.100 ⁰C – depending on the waste stream type. The generated heat from the thermal treatment plant can be re-used and recycled for several purposes. Our engineering team will recommend recycling solutions for heating of water, production of steam for district heating or industrial processes as well as generating electrical power. As a world-wide supplier of thermal treatment facilities close co-operation with international partners is vital. Asia Envikraft is an important and equal partner as well as the exclusively authorized licensee/distributor for supplying products and services in Asia –