Low Level Radioactive Waste Plants (LLRW)

All waste generated by the Nuclear Power Plants will be classified as contaminated Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) which needs to be stored for a longer period. In order to minimize storage space the waste needs to be reduced in volume.

Envikraft has developed an LLRW turn-key incineration plant system which in a fully process controlled, safe and environmentally way is able to reduce the volume considerably.

The controlled process will de-gas the waste stream thus reducing the volume significantly. The proces will then heat treat and clean the flue-gas in the LLRW plant in order to meet the required decontamination factor.

The Envikraft LLRW plant complies with all safety and environmental legislation securing the flue-gas release does not compromise any environmentally unsafe limits.

The ash generated from the process will be handled and collected through the system’s automatic de-ashing system for safe handling.

Envikraft is a world leading LLRW partner and has designed and commissioned LLRW incinerator plants world-wide since 1967 – among others the world´s two largest LLRW plants, one in Tennessee, USA and one in France.