Industrial Waste

Industrial waste covers a broad variety of different waste types generated in industrial processes.

We categorize the wastes into two main groups: Liquid- and solid wastes, varying in both nature, composition and calorific value. Among the many types are:

Liquid waste
Liquid chemicals, paint, contaminated water, solvents, sludge, waste oil, etc.

Solid waste
Scrap parts, paper and documents, wood, cardboard, plastic, pesticides, etc.

Liquid waste can be charged directly into the incinerator together with the solid waste, and in case of larger amounts of liquids, the incinerator system is equipped with an injection system for co-incineration of both solids and liquids.

The flue gas treatment system is custom designed in accordance with the actual waste stream, and in combination with the continuously monitoring and control of the incinerator process. The air vent released from the stack is in full compliance with the most stringent regulation on waste incineration world-wide.