Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

The Envikraft MSW thermal treatment plant is superior for treating household and factory  waste (MSW) of any kind.

As MSW waste can be a mix of very wet as well high calorific waste streams, the Envikraft engineering team has developed a flexible and fully automatic operating thermal treatment system which will adjust the process to adapt to the incoming waste stream securing optimal conditions in the thermal treatment chamber.

The flexible process control system will ensure that the temperature, the oxygen content, the ash level carry over and the retention time of the flue gas are monitored on a continuous basis adjusting the process automatically in order for the thermal treatment to operate under optimal conditions.

The flue gas will be treated according to EU/World-wide regulations complying with all environmental requirements.

The generated ashes will be removed from the chamber bottom through the auger rotation system.

The heat generated from the process can be re-utilized for district heating or cooling or for generating electrical power.