Pathological Waste and Cremators

Hospital and laboratory waste will always contain a limited amount of pathological waste mixed in the waste stream. This should be treated as described in the section about Hospital and Hazardous Waste. However, larger amounts of pathological waste should be treated in specially designed thermal treatment plants – cremators or pathological waste plants.

The basis for these plants can be categorized as human bodies, carcasses, remains from surgery and laboratories, overdue food, etc. The main purpose to treat this kind of waste in a controlled thermal process is to ensure that the waste is completely destroyed in order to avoid the risk of infection and contamination during the treatment process.

The flue gas generated will be treated according to regulations before release through the smoke stack. The generated ashes will be completely sterilized for safe handling.

Envikraft has commissioned cremators and pathological waste plants world-wide since 1967,  acquiring extensive experience and know-how within this special section of waste treatment.